We Will Be Fine, Hopefully

“What did you just say to me?”

I had already passed him so I just did hear the question, so lost in my travels and so accustomed to just saying it and going I was.  It caught me almost out of earshot, one more step and I might’ve lost the opportunity to expound on what had just happened. Chance, happenstance, call it what you will but I’d like to think that there were powers at work right about then; powers that if nothing else, want to give each of us every available chance to get to know one another a little better.  I’ve lost you I know, so let me explain.  See, it went like this.

The man was white.  I’d approached him on the street and as is my custom, I greeted him with my usual.  “How’s the brother?”  The man stopped and turned, “Excuse me?” he replied.  I heard the question in his voice.  I hear it sometimes when I speak these particular words of greeting to people who aren’t black or brown. Continue reading

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A Family Affair

America, the peeping Tom, was at it again, insinuating herself directly into the lives of an ordinary family and turning their personal world upside down.   Such is life for the Dolezals these days; like they say, to be a fly on their wall during Thanksgiving Dinner.  For me, even with all the questions about self-identity and race, what I see at its core is a family in turmoil with some past issues and had we left them to their own devices, things may have worked themselves out eventually.  Alas, that was before we all got involved and started putting our two cents in. Continue reading

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Act Two: Quantifying Caitlyn

The Transgender Flag

The Transgender Flag

I started out not wanting to be the hating son-of-a-bitch telling everyone to take a step back from the adulation going down and look at the whole picture.  I knew that wouldn’t fly well.   In the beginning, it’s almost like a mass hysteria where even the most benign critique or question is met with savage and unconditional reproach.  Instead, now it seems I may not have to.  You see, what we’ve just witnessed was act one and act two is about to commence.  Incidentally, I think they are a total of three acts in all.

It’s both funny and sad in an ironic sort of way.  I don’t think Caitlyn recognizes yet how much America and her residents have a) a short attention span, b) the need for constant affirmation and approval of their innate benevolence and c) a hell of a temper when whatever one’s doing or selling stops affording her citizens said approval as well as the complementary right to feel good about themselves.

It is after all, all about us as citizens, isn’t it?  No one will admit it but it’s true.  We bask in our superior tolerance when we’re given the chance and ridicule those who we see as not as intellectually savvy enough to recognize and appreciate the differences that encompass humanity.  The problem arises as many of us do this while at the same time letting loose the same types of vitriol we criticize when it suits us or when we’re within our comfort zones.  In the end, it’ll be the same media machine that she’s using so Kardashian-like that will ultimately be her undoing in the public eye. And it may have already started.  Continue reading

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Identifying True Tyranny, Recognizing Real Terrorists

Make no mistake; this is how it all begins, how it all goes so horribly wrong so quickly.

We saw it first with the knowledge promoted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative; information that was simply too much and too one-sided.  It’s a peddled sentience based on our fear of not only what we don’t understand but also on the warped and violent actions of an insane “few” who’re bent on America’s downfall.  Some use such individuals as catalysts to promote their personal agendas of hate and intolerance.

It’s a knowledge that instead of calming the masses and promoting togetherness does just the opposite and ignites our differences and exposes our innermost fears and prejudices.  It endorses ideas that are too far off the beaten, true and calm path and props up philosophies that truly can’t stand up to the muster of the basic ideals of this land we call America.  But that doesn’t seem to stop them from trying. Continue reading

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The Anatomy of an Apprehension: or. From Person to Perpetrator in 60 Seconds

Living in the city, you have the unfortunate occasion to witness a range of police activity; car stops, car chases, chases on foot and the resulting apprehensions.  I remember one instance from a few years back.  The police had been chasing the suspect, possibly for some low level drug offense.  I’d seen the chase, already in progress, round a corner from a block away.  The man, tired from his running, had given up, gotten on his knees with his hands up.

Now, I’m in a second floor apartment in the front bedroom which overlooked the street below; directly over the kneeling man.  I watched as the police ran up behind him, kicked him in the back of the head, kneed him in the back of the neck as he went down face first into the concrete and proceeded to twist his arms behind his back, cuffing him, before pulling him up by his cuffs to stand and be led away.

I remember thinking then that, damn that has to hurt, being manhandled like that with your limbs moving at angles they weren’t necessarily intended to.  Many will say it’s warranted and if you can’t do “the time” then don’t do the crime.  However, in this current environment of police interventions gone horribly wrong, such a simplistic characterization is misleading; especially as any one of us at any given time could wind up in similar circumstances.  Continue reading

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