Tis the Season to be Melancholy (But Don’t be)

Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of the year

It’s like I hear the Peanuts song, “Christmas Time”; except the next verse, “happiness and cheer” isn’t necessarily a done deal; nor is it “fun for all”.  For millions of Americans, the holiday season is not a happy one in any way.  It’s a time of stress, lower expectations and in some instances, even lower feelings of hope.  No way “the season to be jolly”, depression and gloom unfortunately are the emotions of the period for many.  Continue reading

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The Curse of Endorsement


If you watched any ball this Sunday, you may have seen Denver lose their second consecutive game since coming off their bye week.  They are now a troubling 7-2.  Likewise and even worse, you may have noticed that Green Bay seems to be starting some sort of self-destruct sequence at 6-3.  And we won’t even talk about the returning champs, the Seattle Seahawks who at a mediocre 4-5 are kind of stinking up the joint all while a fierce looking Russell Wilson adorned the September 10th issue of a NFL special edition Rolling Stone magazine.

Now that’s three prime-time athletes whose years are slowly turning-or have turned all the way-to doo-doo; especially Peyton Manning.  Some commentators gloomily have him sitting down for the remainder of the season, or worse.  I think about that Nationwide Insurance jingle, the music he’s so fond of, except the words to mine are, “I think he might retire soon”.

There seems to be a trend occurring in the NFL.  It’s more than just a flip-flop or any kind of ‘those who were up are now down’ type of thing; I think it speaks to things more ethereal than that.   It’s alright, scoff but I think that somewhere along the lines, cats forget about the demands of the gridiron.  I think they overlook how quickly one can be taken off his game.  It’s what I call the curse of celebrity athlete endorsement. Continue reading

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Perhaps

The moment I first saw the commercial I loved it.  It was a Zen moment because I realized I don’t have to look at this to relate; I’ve lived it.  What’s more, the fact that it even aired means that maybe now the topic isn’t as taboo as it used to be, perhaps?  I mean, it’s not every day that you broach the topic of snoring with horrendous sounds coming out of a pretty woman’s mouth.  We are truly becoming enlightened. Continue reading

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One Big Long Coat

368px-Mens_Coats_1872_Fashion_PlateYou ever think about the names we use for bureaucracy and for those positioned at the top? Get your mind out the gutter, please.  I’m talking tags like “the Top Dog”, “The Man (or Woman) in charge” or what is my personal favorite, “The Poohbah” (dating myself I know but think Flintstones).

And when you consider the working-class bottom half of the equation, the most interesting turn of phrase I can think of is “button on the coat” as in, “he’s the last button on the coat”.  I like it because it allows you to express the true precariousness of a position as in, “he’s the last button on the coat and he’s dangling.

And the other reason I like it is because it’s an apt metaphor. Who out there among us hasn’t felt as if he or she was dangling by a thread at some time or another? Continue reading


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Spare Me the Outrage

A pricey toy that insults you

A pricey toy that insults you

There’s a lot of outrage buzzing around the country these days as folks are angry about this or that.  And there’s also a level of weariness in it all as people see themselves beating the familiar dead horse constantly with little result, benefit or modification to show for it.

The problem with outrage is that over a period such demonstrations become pointless; the powers that be will simply ignore you unless you have a plan to further get their attention and force change.  The latest anger over the Playmobile Pirate Ship is one case in point. Continue reading


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