The Unfortunate and Lazy Absurdity of #BlackLivesMatter

Hillary Clinton said it best when she asked, “What do we do next?”  My problem and it shouldn’t only be mine, stems from the fact that it’s Hillary Clinton asking the question; a virtual outsider and not one who knows the movements of the black communities as #BLM protesters do, or should.

It illustrates a sticking point about the whole agenda of the demonstration; this reckoning of whether or not #BlackLivesMatter should be concerned with the frequency of inner city violence, black-on-black crime, and whether or not such violence has anything to do with police shootings of unarmed African Americans.  The absurdity not only comes in thinking that the two are in no way connected but also in the idea that you can ignore what’s happening.  Continue reading

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Trump Music, the Tone Deaf and Blaming It All on Obama

Real estate developer Donald Trump speaks during the Freedom Summit in Greenville, South Carolina


Trump continues to rise in the charts even though they’ve stopped heralding his music’s popularity.  Remember that; he was striking a chord hither and tither about.  And with as many triads as he’s hitting on the American keyboard-he’s currently leading the Republican field with 25%-folks have finally had to accept the fact that he’s making some serious political noise.  And guess what?  It was brought to you in part by the last two Obama terms. Continue reading

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Learned Behavior and the Dangerous Traveling Cop Show

Anyone who either knows me or has read any of my blog pieces know how I lean when it comes to police brutality.  For one thing, I’m always preaching a component of self-improvement in the black community saying that for substantive change in law enforcement, we must also turn a critical eye on ourselves.  It’s a question of forestalling bad behavior with our own good behavior.

The other thing I propagandize is that blacks may appear to be the “chosen” targets at present but that doesn’t prevent law enforcement from, shall we call it branching out to other harder demographics.  I always quip that this traveling cop show of death is coming to a town near you real soon.  I hate it when I’m right but I got to tell you, the show touched down in South Carolina recently. Continue reading

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The Necessity of the Everything Cop

Does it surprise anyone that around the anniversary of Mike Brown’s death, we get an interview with ex-Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson; his first since the controversial shooting of the unarmed young man.  I read it and came away with mixed feelings.

It bears witness to the complexity of things when you try to pigeonhole human behavior into neat and nice brackets, highlighted by racial, cultural or age differences.  Things are truly not always black and white; there exists a whole lot of gray out there. Continue reading

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Sing the Body Electric, Anywhere but Philly

A growing regional catch phrase is “Anything Can Happen in Jersey”.  I bet the creators of HitchBOT wished in hindsight that the BOT had traveled to Jersey instead; especially considering that Hitch made his way all across Europe and parts of America before meeting a tragic and eerie end in the “City of Brotherly Love”.

And they talk about Camden and New Jersey.  We’ve never hurt a robot in our lives, nor snowballed Santa for that matter. Continue reading

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