Parents, Friends, Social Circle First Deterrent: Not Clergymen

It has to be every parent’s nightmare; that things are so terrible at home that your children can’t stand it anymore and they walk out.  This is really nothing new though, right.  Teens have always run away from home and far from the fairytale round-the-block, Leave It to Beaver experience, such escapades in real life carry sometimes horrific consequences.  But it’s always been like that, hasn’t it?

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Look For the Right Thing

Dorothy McGuire and Gregory Peck in 1947's Gentleman's Agreement.  Spoiler Alert: McGuire's character had hinky issues.

Dorothy McGuire and Gregory Peck in 1947’s Gentleman’s Agreement. Spoiler Alert: McGuire’s character had hinky issues.

I recently for the first time saw the classic movie, Gentleman’s Agreement, starring Gregory Peck, Dorothy McGuire and John Garfield. I thought of the flick when I read of this experiment by Jewish media outlet NRG’s contributor, Zvika Klein.  Like the main character in the film, Klein sought the grass roots, man on the street reaction towards Jews.  Unlike the movie though, he wanted a reaction from a specific group of people; and he got it.  Funny how when you got looking for Antisemitism, you can find it so easily; funny that.    Continue reading

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Touchy, we are, yes, still


Forget the dials and diodes. You want truth then put a ball in his hand, turn him loose and wait for the outcome.

Let me start by saying I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here or resurrect anything stupid.  In fact I’m glad that everyone has seemingly decided to give Chris Paul a break and the noise over his critique of the female referee has died down.   It was never a sexist comment; nor was it intended as a diatribe against female officials in the NBA but rather was simply an assessment specific to his industry, directed towards a respected colleague.

None of those points made any difference as the Twitter-sphere, the new-age barometer of social conscious, went about its business of dissemination.  It wasn’t the first time that something kind of politically incorrect, yet highly opinionated, was said at the end of a sporting event.  I remember one statement from 1985. Continue reading

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A Divine Funny

I’m going to characterize it like this; it should be obvious that God has a sense of humor.  What is it that makes me make such a bold, theological pronouncement, you ask?  Why, only because the poster boy for the month of February for the Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Team Calendar is none other than Riley Cooper, I’d answer. Continue reading

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Twenty Dollars and a Hat

A 1938 barber pole, symbolizing the blood and bandages of an ancient trade.  Bloodletting anyone?

A 1938 barber pole, symbolizing the blood and bandages of an ancient trade. Bloodletting anyone?

Going to the barber is a personal thing; it’s one person laying hands on another.  It’s as intimately, clinical as what goes on in a doctor’s office but without the possibility of dire consequences.  Then again, who hasn’t gotten a bad cut in their life and had to deal with it until their hair grew back?

It’s a highly subjective practice driven mostly by selection and comfort levels. Making such a choice is not to be taken lightly; the act of doing so is hindered by age as the ordinary scheme of life takes its destined shape.

People retire, they close up shop, move away; and unfortunately, sometimes they die.  It’s a  human transformation that will eventually challenge all who try to be well-groomed.  So, Saturday morning saw me rise early in the hopes of trying a new shop I’d heard recently opened where my old frequented parlor had once been.  I had hopes that maybe some of the old crew might have returned. Continue reading

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