The Anatomy of an Apprehension: or. From Person to Perpetrator in 60 Seconds

Living in the city, you have the unfortunate occasion to witness a range of police activity; car stops, car chases, chases on foot and the resulting apprehensions.  I remember one instance from a few years back.  The police had been chasing the suspect, possibly for some low level drug offense.  I’d seen the chase, already in progress, round a corner from a block away.  The man, tired from his running, had given up, gotten on his knees with his hands up.

Now, I’m in a second floor apartment in the front bedroom which overlooked the street below; directly over the kneeling man.  I watched as the police ran up behind him, kicked him in the back of the head, kneed him in the back of the neck as he went down face first into the concrete and proceeded to twist his arms behind his back, cuffing him, before pulling him up by his cuffs to stand and be led away.

I remember thinking then that, damn that has to hurt, being manhandled like that with your limbs moving at angles they weren’t necessarily intended to.  Many will say it’s warranted and if you can’t do “the time” then don’t do the crime.  However, in this current environment of police interventions gone horribly wrong, such a simplistic characterization is misleading; especially as any one of us at any given time could wind up in similar circumstances.  Continue reading

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The White Box

Who knows what lies underneath?  It might not be Murder Room, after all.

Who knows what lies underneath? It might not be Murder Room, after all.

I read something funny today; that Jeb Bush mistakenly checked the Hispanic box on his voter registration form in 2009.  It’s cool with me that he’s taken his first step in erasing his own singular mark that pigeonholes him and prevents him from reaching, what I’m thinking he sees as, his full potential.  See, I’m way ahead of him.  For a while now I’ve been thinking about checking the white box whenever and wherever I can. Continue reading

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The Compromise is In the Semantics

Wedding cake with pillar supports, 2009 - by shine oa

Wedding cake with pillar supports, 2009 – by shine oa

I’ve about had it; and it’s all on account of that symbol of purity and requited love and soon-to-be-sated lust that insinuates itself into our lives only once (hopefully).  That’s right; I’m talking about that pesky, problematic wedding cake.  And if recent events are any indication of what seems is becoming a new trend, once is definitely enough. Continue reading

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The Whipping Man


Photo by Cgoodwin

Things happen at times that challenge us.   Sometimes they force us to recognize where we’ve been lacking and cause us to make an adjustment either in our way of doing or in our way of thinking.  So, you know how I talked about that teaching moment…

I was walking to the store and saw a guy on his front stoop; nothing suspect in that except I heard him before I saw him, the recognizable crack-pop.  In his hand was a bullwhip and he was swinging it like Charles Bronson swinging his sock full of coins in Death Wish. Continue reading

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Ego Screwed the Pooch of a Good Chance

As with a lot of breaking news, the Starbucks announcement that it was foregoing its campaign on race-relations entered my psyche first thing in the morning with my radio reveille.  At the time, it brought forth only a simple sigh of resignation that what seemed like a worthy attempt ended in such a quick and angry fashion.

Photo by Julius Schorzman

Photo by Julius Schorzman

The day after though got me to thinking; not all of a sudden but it came to me on the heels of a song.  The Commodore’s record from the late 70’s, Machine Gun, was rocking and it was then that I thought first of the damaging effects of ego.

Freud’s member of the tripartite of the human psyche has tricked up many a good thing on this earth, least of all music.  Listening to the Commodore’s, I remembered how good they were, with a unique and new sound unlike anything heard so far back then.  And then along came ego, Lionel Richie’s to be exact, and the rest shall we say is history.

So what happened with Starbucks, you ask?  Was the potentially, destructive force of ego present there in such a commendable idea as the one presented by CEO, Howard Schultz?  To that I say, most definitely.  The problems began with the announcement.  Continue reading

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