Trump et al Would Be Surprised at How Connected We Are

The Accordion unites us more than we realize

The Accordion unites us more than some realize

The local gas utility had been hammering the entire day along the block, even when I arrived home from work.  They kept that up until maybe 7 so that the subsequent quiet was appreciated and thorough.  You know how it is when you’ve had noise all day only to have it shushed and the absence of sound creates an auditory void in your world.

That’s why it was surprising that around 1030 we heard music outside our bedroom window, loud music; right around the time we’re trying to go to sleep.  My first reaction was frankly WTF, you’ve got to be kidding me, especially after the raucous day we’d had earlier.  Lying there though and music being what it is, the tune began to permeate through me and next thing I know, my foot is tapping.   I think it was Mexican conjunto and I thought almost immediately that if Trump has his way come November, such sounds may not be heard for much longer. Continue reading

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The Same Bolt of Cloth

I don’t know how it happened.  I just looked up and all of a sudden, here I am.  I’m that guy in that commercial.  Damn!

I can’t even remember the drugs advertised and maybe it’s for the best, too.  These days, as quickly as they push something they say helps a particular ailment, in the next breath they’re promoting a lawyer that can sue for the perceived and expected harm that the drug has caused.  So far, so good though; I haven’t seen such cautionary prohibitive appeals for Diabetes.

Learn about the American Diabetes Association’s African-American Initiatives

A few years back, I read something of interest about the prevalence of Type I Diabetes, formerly called juvenile, among members of the African-American community.  We’re 1.7 times more likely to have it than non-white Hispanics and today, 13.2% of African-Americans over the age of 20 have been diagnosed with the disease.  But what they were talking about then was this sneaky, easy-to-slip-into condition known as prediabetes.

All About Prediabetes   Spanish version

Certain risk factors determine if you’re more susceptible to prediabetes.  These include being African-American, Asian-American, Native American, Pacific Islander or Hispanic/Latino, over the age of 45 years old, have a family history of diabetes, being overweight and sedentary, have high blood pressure or taking meds for it, had diabetes during pregnancy, have low HDL cholesterol or have contracted PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

According to the American Diabetes Association, you can have Prediabetes and not know it because there are no clear symptoms associated with it.  One develops prediabetes before type II diabetes when their blood glucose levels rise to a level higher than normal but not so high as to be classified as fully having the ailment.

Personally, my trouble started by not going to the gym as much as I’d done in the past after my back injury; that and a life-long love affair with all things chocolate.  Thinking about my many misadventures with Entenmann’s Chocolate Fudge Cake (don’t ask and I won’t tell); I add some slight hypertension to the mix and all in all, I’m nothing but a big walking risk factor.

And the point is, so too are many of us; we’re all cut from that same bolt of cloth.  Doctors, lawyers, Indian Chiefs, actors, athletes; it makes no difference Any of us can fall victim to prediabetes if we’re not careful.  All it takes is a little mismanagement; a couple more scoops of ice cream, that extra slice of chocolate cake.  And before you know it; you’re that guy or that girl and wondering how in the hell you got to where you are.

If you’re over 45, get a blood test to check your sugar levels to be sure!

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Tomorrow is Equal Pay Day

There was a time that when you spoke of “equal pay for everyone” it meant just that; equal pay for everyone, all races, all genders.  These days when you hear it and when you say it, with all the attention going to the gender wage gap, there’s little emphasis placed on that racial wage gap.  If I didn’t know better I would think that equal pay for minorities, black and Hispanic men particularly, didn’t need to be addressed anymore.  Ah, but I know better, I think. Continue reading

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Report: Doug Pederson allegedly part of sex scandal in KC

It begins by saying up front that they don’t know if the story is true or not but because it is circulating around Arrowhead, it has to be put out there.

“Let’s get this out of the way right at the top; we have no idea if this wild rumor about former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator and current Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is true. That said, we run a Chiefs site that focuses on team-related news, so this has to be written.”

From a story in the Arrowhead Addict by Matt Verderame; Doug Pederson allegedly had sex scandal in KC

The article elaborates by saying that Pederson had an affair with a 26-year-old team secretary despite being married and in spite of Andy Reid telling him to cut it out. It didn’t help matters that Pederson’s and Reid’s wives were friends. If anything that may have sealed the deal, so to speak with Pederson. Big Red knew that under the circumstances Doug couldn’t come back and Lo and behold, along came the Eagles with the perfect solution. Continue reading

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The Wonderment of Children: How Long Can It Last?

Photo by Isabel Rose Lysiak

Hilde Kate Lysiak poses with one of her community newspapers. Photo by Isabel Rose Lysiak

They were a mixed-match pair walking to school; the gray of their uniform skirts and jumpers contrasted nicely with the crimson sweaters they wore over white blouses. Just then, a strong wind gust blew against the crabapple tree they walked under. I watched as the face of the littlest one broke out into the widest grin, her eyes lighting up at this wondrous, warm snowfall that tickled her cheeks but unlike the cold one, didn’t wet her. All the while her sister, friend, protector gently tugged her arm, looking back, trying to keep them on their tight morning schedule. Continue reading

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