The Whipping Man


Photo by Cgoodwin

Things happen at times that challenge us.   Sometimes they force us to recognize where we’ve been lacking and cause us to make an adjustment either in our way of doing or in our way of thinking.  So, you know how I talked about that teaching moment…

I was walking to the store and saw a guy on his front stoop; nothing suspect in that except I heard him before I saw him, the recognizable crack-pop.  In his hand was a bullwhip and he was swinging it like Charles Bronson swinging his sock full of coins in Death Wish. Continue reading

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Ego Screwed the Pooch of a Good Chance

As with a lot of breaking news, the Starbucks announcement that it was foregoing its campaign on race-relations entered my psyche first thing in the morning with my radio reveille.  At the time, it brought forth only a simple sigh of resignation that what seemed like a worthy attempt ended in such a quick and angry fashion.

Photo by Julius Schorzman

Photo by Julius Schorzman

The day after though got me to thinking; not all of a sudden but it came to me on the heels of a song.  The Commodore’s record from the late 70’s, Machine Gun, was rocking and it was then that I thought first of the damaging effects of ego.

Freud’s member of the tripartite of the human psyche has tricked up many a good thing on this earth, least of all music.  Listening to the Commodore’s, I remembered how good they were, with a unique and new sound unlike anything heard so far back then.  And then along came ego, Lionel Richie’s to be exact, and the rest shall we say is history.

So what happened with Starbucks, you ask?  Was the potentially, destructive force of ego present there in such a commendable idea as the one presented by CEO, Howard Schultz?  To that I say, most definitely.  The problems began with the announcement.  Continue reading

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I don’t do sneaky.

At its least, Sneaky is underhanded and conniving.  Sneaky is shifty; sneaky is shady.  Sneaky forces one to travel along the hallway with their back against the wall hoping to escape any unforeseen thrown knives.  Sneaky can be calculating but isn’t overly smart.  If it was it would recognize the futility of its selfish ways and appreciate the need of building lasting relationships with others.  Nevertheless, sneaky is smooth, covert and able to insinuate itself into all facets of our lives.

At its worst eventually, sneaky turns into something else entirely.  At the other extreme, sneaky is dangerous; it’s dastardly.  Already perpetually angry, sneaky becomes slightly sociopathic and utterly ruthless.  It incorporates and uses the darkest nature of all of its attributes.  If it goes this far then sneaky has probably began to show its true face and in that way become something truly scary.  That’s when we finally discover that sneaky is evil.  And that’s when we start to worry if we’ve made our discovery too late.

Don’t do sneaky; don’t do angry.

Rather, do thoughtful, pensive; anxious, even.  Do shy, reserved, compassionate and understanding.  Do forthright yet unimposing; challenging yet deferential. Do patriotic yet tolerant; prejudiced yet open-minded.  Do conservative yet not extreme; liberal but not wacky.   Do generous but not extravagant; especially with money or resources that don’t belong to you.  Do cautious but not fearful; brave yet not reckless or stupid.   Do learned but not snobbish; educated but not boorish.  Do love not hate; make peace not war.


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A Man’s Man For All Seasons

Vladimir Putin, the ex-Russian President and now Prime Minister of indeterminate term, has been in the news a lot lately. Recently, it’s mostly because he’s been out of sight from his constituents; a fact causing Joe Public to be kind of concerned about it.

They, like others around the world, are worried about their leader; vetting multiple scenarios about his health, the state of the republic and even the paternity of another possible love-child.  I think the reasons for the absence are a lot more mundane, clinical and a whole lot more obvious.

On Monday, there was a joint celebration in Moscow and Crimea commemorating the one year anniversary of the country’s dubious referendum to secede from Ukraine and return to Russia.  There, evidence of Putin’s “problem” was readily on hand for all to see. Continue reading


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Modern Parents Know Too Much for Their Children’s Good

I don’t understand the actions of some parents today and that bothers me because I want to.

Child with day 4 measles rash

Child with day 4 measles rash

I think I should because it’s not that long ago that I was one, actively.  Nevertheless, I’m at a loss as to what some are trying to accomplish.

I think it comes down to a lack of humility and trust on their part.  They think they know everything and they don’t trust the government.  And that’s another reason why I want to understand; I’m of a generation that espoused a healthy mistrust of any current

administration.    Baby Boomers were some of the most radical influences of the 20th Century and yet, we vaccinated our children; not only for their health but also for the well-being of the community.

Think about it; it’s an audacious act to ignore Department of Health requirements, especially when it comes to children.  Isn’t it somewhat impudent to want to keep your kids potentially unhealthy and contagious and then demand that they be allowed to mix, play and attend school with others, who’ve taken all their precautionary measures?  That’s what’s going on in the Delaware Valley and elsewhere these days. Continue reading

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