About Ben

Born and raised in the region, Ben is a budding, albeit senior, writer.  Coming to his craft late in his years, he currently writes for Examiner.com both as the Philadelphia Urban Gardening Examiner and the National Workplace Culture Examiner.  He hopes to be published some day soon and has produced short story fiction in the horror/fantasy genre.  He’s also written more than one semi-autobiographical piece about his childhood growing up on the streets of Philadelphia.  Ben also contributes to the community discourse by sending in an occasional letter to editors of local papers.  He was introduced to WordPress.com by participating as a member of the Courier Post Editorial Board, a community inspired group of South Jersey constituents meeting, discussing and writing about current events dear to the region.   His hobbies include creating music (consider him a closet DJ), gardening (a displaced farmer) and cooking (a misunderstood chef).


4 responses to “About Ben

  1. I think your writing style is excellent.

  2. My apologies for off topic comment, but would you be so kind as to email me so that I have your email address. Re: dialogue we were having. thepublicblogger@zoho.com. That would be great. – KP

  3. I still can’t figure out what you are ‘just sayin’??

    • Exactly what is it you can’t figure out? My politics? trust me, they’re varied. As much as I’m liberal in some things, I’m conservative in others. Is that what you meant? If it’s “About Ben” and what the blog is then it’s what it said it is. The thoughts of everyday affairs from an ordinary, everyday man, without the politico-mumbo jumbo. I’m like the black Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes, if only in my dreams. Again, please holler back and keep it moving; I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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