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But it’s not a ‘race thing’

Ignorance by geralt

Last week by a slim margin of only four votes, House Republicans chose to repeal what should’ve been under any other circumstances, a signature achievement for any president, regardless of political party, race or gender; and that is providing healthcare for all Americans.

The unnecessary repeal came in spite of a record number of households choosing plans under the ACA during the first months of the federal exchange, up 400,000 enrollees over last year at the same time.

But alas remember, everything Obama wanted to do was wrong.  It obviously must’ve been the plan because a lot of what Trump’s done so far has been to roll back, cancel or otherwise scuttle much, if not all, of what the first African-American president put forth.

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Liar, Liar, World on Fire: Donald Trump, Republicans and their Long War on Truth

It appears that Trump, the businessman and Trump, the candidate, as well as Trump, the President of the United States, seem to all have difficulty with facts.  That’s at first glance.  But if you look at the totality of the title and situations involved, you come away with a much harsher assessment.  It could be said that all of his incarnations are spun from an identical bolt of cloth.  If that’s the case then unfortunately, it doesn’t create circumstances that bode well for America.  That’s because basically it means that Donald Trump is a liar.   And he’s not alone.
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