Fostering revolution in the heartland

You know it’s going to get deep when peeps start evoking the name of the pope; and by pope, I don’t mean the pontiff at the Vatican.

But since the bramble started in Nevada over land rights, I’ve heard the name Waco uttered on more than one occasion.  It’s spoken not as a reminder of something we all want to avoid but rather as a rallying call for some sort of possible insurrection. Continue reading

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Stories from the collective

I imagine it would happen something like this.

The man is seated at the court of a tribal chief; his white skin glaring amidst a sea of black and brown tones.  He’s received permission to be where he is and has been welcomed, warily at first but over the course of the meal laid out for all, tensions finally relaxed; as is generally the case when a good time is to be had.  The talk was energetic as food and drink were consumed in between colorful phrases spoken in a language foreign and unfamiliar to him.      Continue reading

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How all that mess in the past got started

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States in a 6-2 vote struck down affirmative action in the state of Michigan by upholding a law the state had enacted in 2006 that bans the use of racial preference in state university admissions.

They’re probably many that are calling the decision the beginning of the end of an era.  Those same people may even see affirmative action as a dinosaur that has outlived its usefulness.  Who knows but they could be right. Continue reading

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Looking past the color of our skin

She did just that.

Anytime someone steps up to do the right thing in the face of extreme adversity, it makes you proud to be, well, a human being.  Reading what Deborah Hughes did in Detroit gave me a lump in my throat; I’m not ashamed to admit.  No need for a lot of words to describe it.  Click on the link and I think you’ll feel the same as I do.  Just had to share this.


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A momentary lapse in hygienic reason

Today, I read a CNN article concerning the “Worst men’s grooming trends of all time”.  Click on it and you’ll see some rather disturbing stuff (Seriously? Radium on your testicles?).  But on the other hand, looking at the list makes you chuckle at how far we’ve come over the centuries. Continue reading

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