The Pain and Swelling of Hemorrhoid Tissue (and a host of other acquired clichés)

And the ironic thing: there's no place in history that says Barnum made that sucker comment.

And the ironic thing: there’s no place in history that says Barnum made that sucker comment.

Like it or not, we all become part of that hackneyed, commercial society that exists seemingly at the behest of this franchise or that corporation.  In a severe case of the tail wagging the dog, most times it seems like we do so solely for their consumption rather than vice-versa.

And today’s rampant commercialism is always accompanied by a cliché; some sort of over-used phrase, sentence or catchy jingle that proliferates on the airwaves.  Funny thing about those creating today’s commercial banalities; they haven’t met a demographic that they don’t like.  Consequently, each of us, regardless of age, income or social status, is subject to attain ownership of these colorings, whether we want them or not. Continue reading

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A New Booty Standard

It’s funny the things you happen to think about when you first see or hear something.  When I saw that Jennifer Lopez was trending and watched her video on YouTube, I thought about my mom, strangely enough.

When I was young boy, I’d sometimes hear my mom make a statement about this young woman or that one, we’d see out on the street, “Look at the hind parts on that child there”.  She’d say this somewhat under her breath and when I’d ask her what she said, she always replied telling me to stop being so nosy, as parents do when they’ve said something they don’t want their children to hear them say.

Oh, but I heard it alright and it stuck with me.  So much so that when my dad and I would be out alone and I’d see the same young lady, I’d say to him, “there goes that girl with the hind parts”.  So you can say that I learned to know booty from a very young age.  And Jennifer still has booty, at 45 years old.

I’m not at all surprised; that a middle-aged woman can still be considered attractive, vibrant, wanted and sexy.  Hell, they’re some senior women out there that are bad as hell, trust me on that.   Still, I remember her when she really had butt; all kinds of butt, butt for days.  Hers was the butt standard for the world.  Like troubadours and minstrels of centuries past, peeps were out there making songs about Jennifer Lopez’s backside.

But, as many women do, she lost some weight and with it went some of her butt.  Damn a Brazilian Butt Lift!  But let me be clear on this, she’s Jennifer Lopez and she’s only going to lose butt so much.  And God gave her more than her share to be able to give some away and still look fine as all get out.

So, I won’t celebrate her latest video mainly because I’ve seen the classic from Back in the day.  There’ll probably be some out there maybe saying that she used to have a big booty but I won’t go that far.  I’ll never put down any woman doing something positive for herself, like losing weight she wants to lose and I hope my comments concerning what are really my preferences aren’t taken as such.

I’ll just hold on to those memories and be glad she stopped when she did.

YouTube video from JenniferLopezVevo

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Be Water, People

The Moor and his tragic beloved.  Othello and Desdemona from William Shakespeare's, Othello.

The Moor and his tragic beloved. Othello and Desdemona from William Shakespeare’s, Othello.

I guess I’m what they would’ve called back then, “free-willed”; the same as some other unfortunate souls.  Had I been born two centuries ago, I’d probably have had all my skin whipped off of me, been hobbled, that sort of thing.  Every chance that I got, I’d be trying to bust off of the plantation.

I guess it’s for that reason that I get so angry when I read about African-American interactions with the police.  I find myself ticked off because in more cases than I feel cool about, I’m falling on the side of law enforcement and that just vexes all hell out of me. Continue reading


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Nobody Expected the Spanish Inquisition

A couple of things are going on in the wake of the NFL/Ray Rice controversy, least of all the decision-making process leading up to the indefinite suspension of the player.  As I watch news broadcasts repeatedly running footage of “the punch”, I’m asking myself when is enough, enough.  How much reporting and reviewing of a couple of minutes of salacious footage do we need to see to get the gist of what occurred?

Adding insult to injury, newsreels are abuzz with discussions on other athletes who beat their wives; as if this is a new phenomenon.  And now, Adrian Peterson is being indicted for spanking his son with a switch.  Maybe it’s me but I’m of a mind that if we continue down this path, the public will begin to see the primary face of domestic violence as being a black one. Continue reading


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Nativitatem Janus Publica

Joe Public, that iconic, abstract expression representing the hypothetical common man, is dying.

Along with his demise, the realm of the regular, the conventional and the commonplace

Roman god Janus symbolizes change and transition much like our overused technology.

Roman god Janus symbolizes change and transition much like our overused technology. We’re beginning to worship it the way Rome invoked him.

will no longer be afforded us in like manner as years past since technology has increased our ability to disseminate and receive even the most minute and routine pieces of information.  Taking his place is a greater, larger representation of the existing soul of society.  News and current events which we once found humdrum will become just the opposite; significant, ultra-important and essential to our social consciousness.

As would befit his grander design, the manner we look at him is changing in ways both subtle and unnerving.  Before as a man of the people, like the people, Joey P. had no illusions of power but rather humbly accepted his place as humanity’s conscience.  Now though, this new version boldly sees itself as judge and jury for the masses and ordinary citizens, its representatives and dispensers of whatever rudimentary punishment his “society” deems fit to hand down.  And once he starts to regard himself as executioner, and us his agents of death, we’re in big trouble. Continue reading


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